I will always love my grandpuppies  

A Word from the Breeder


Before considering adopting a puppy please do your homework about the breed, make sure that you are at a place in your life where you have the time and patience to dedicate to a puppy.

It is A LOT of work .This is a little life you are going to be responsible for, for a very long time. Please keep in mind that these little ones are my babies. I anxiously await their arrival and then I help deliver the puppies. I witness their birth I watch them take their first breath. I'm dedicated to meeting their needs each and every day. My world revolves around the my puppies and when it’s time for them to join their forever homes, I want my puppies to be loved protected and receive the best possible care.

I want the best for them. Bringing a puppy into your family requires dedication to their training, health, their social needs and never forgetting that this puppy needs your love and attention. Life can be hectic and it is easy to get caught up in day to day routines however puppies need your attention in order to be happy

. Not just during puppy hood for the life of the dog! Trust me he won’t forget for one second how much he loves you and wants your attention.... if you stop paying attention to him he will feel lonely, unloved and rejected and this leads to behavior problems.Each puppy leaves here with a little piece of my heart because ... I loved them first .


We frequently receive requests for families to visit . As much as I  love my families , I have to limit visits. Primarily to people coming to  see their puppy (  For the  safety of our babies  these visits are  scheduled only after the puppies are vaccinated  , And we can't permit  people to bring dogs along  to the  visit) . 

 We strongly encourage everyone to stay in contact with us and we love  to get pictures and hear how the babies are doing.  These Policies are  in place foremost because we are concerned about the health and safety  of our animals ( people can unintentionally bring in deadly   germs puppies who are too young to be vaccinated ) .

 I  hope this policy is well received because ( you are important to us  )  I also need to point out that  a great deal  of our time is spent  working so when we do have a spare moment to relax  it is truly needed  indeed .