How it All Began...


When Ken and I (Diane) met we found that the biggest thing we had in common was our love for hounds.We both grew up with hound dogs.

Ken had been training them since he was 13 years old. Thats (several years)  of training experience, he has taught me ALOT about dogs...When we began our journey in life together we just knew that we had to have a few hounds of our very own.In 1991 we started our breeding program .With the combined efforts of Ken's training abilities and my dedication to their care. Our program proved to be a success!We strive to produce hounds that meet or exceed the breed standards. We not only want to produce beautiful hounds but ones that have loving temperaments and sound health.We have made so many friends over the years. Allot of our adoptive families are referred to us from prior customers and veterinarians.We frequently receive pictures and letters from our adoptive families. It truly makes all the hard work and dedication well worth it!We put our whole heart into our breeding program. Our biggest goal is to fill the family’s lives with all the happiness that a hound can give.And for our puppies to be part of families that will love and cherish them just as we have.