Puppy Pickup Time



were feeding 4 health puppy food.  

 for best results Please feed at least one bag of this food  while your puppy is transitioning to their new home .

you can find this food at tractor supply or at tractorsupply.com 

no corn wheat soy or fillers . First ingredient is lamb   this is an all stages puppy food . so its suitable for large breed puppies .  Avoid feeding a  Basset hound puppy food that is designed for small breeds.

During the first two years the hips and knees and elbows are still developing. 

The large breed food  is specially formulated to allow the joints to develop at a proper rate . 

 We also like to point out that when purchasing any dog food or treats make sure its preserved naturally  with vitamin E or tocopherols. 

Avoid treats and foods that are preserved with bha or bht. 


a check or money order is fine for a deposit.  At pick up we ask that the final payment be made in cash.


Please make vet appointment in advance for your health guarantee.  we like for families to get established with a veterinarian beforehand, So the puppy will receive check ups and  very important vaccinations and dewormings  on schedule. 

Homeward Bound

Crate training is essential for training a Basset hound puppy. It is like putting a baby in a playpen it keeps them safe during times that they are not in your direct supervision. The day that our puppies go home is a very big event for us . It's not a quick run in pay your adoption fee and off you go. I  really care about our puppies . I have a wealth of information that I would like to share with my families. I take the time to meet with each family individually , go over feeding instructions, training advice, health records and general  information to help you get started with caring for your new puppy. I am also available to answer any questions that you may have.


Puppies will be ready to join their new families beginning 9  weeks of age.

our hours for picking up a puppy is weekdays beginning at 1:00 and weekend beginning at noon by appointment .



With that being said I would like to ask that when you come to pick your puppy up . In order for things to go as smoothly as possible. We prefer that if you have young children that you arrange for a sitter on pick up day. Or bring someone along who can watch the child. We Love kids. We have two of our own  (who are now adults). But kids do not have the attention span to stand and listen to me talk. I feel that the information that I have to share is important, If you are distracted and preoccupied by having to correct your child. You will miss vital information that I need to share with you.

Ideally it will be a better experience all the way around. If you wait and bring the puppy home to your child. He will be able to  play and spend time with the puppy. (that is what kids are so anxiously awaiting to do). Again I want to stress that I love kids but I am a very concerned breeder that feels the education material is important.

One might say Oh I have raised many puppies before, I know this stuff.  and I do understand but I feel that it is important for you to hear all of the information that I would like to cover.  A lot of which is essential to the puppies health . ( how much and how often the puppy eats) what type of food. The shots that the puppy has had , when he/ she needs to be vaccinated . This is so important. Also if you do bring a child and someone to watch the child. Please be advised in advance that this is our home . we will not permit children to pick puppies up without my assistance. we ask that the child remain with an adult at all times. That they are not permitted to run , throw rocks, yell, scream, or otherwise taunt the dogs. Our dogs are not used to this. (And frankly were not used to this either).  I want people to know in advance that pick up day is a little time consuming, you should allow an hour for me to go over all of the paperwork and general care advice . I take this all very serious and really would like for it to be done in a structured manner so I'm putting this out there in advance so you can make arrangements in anticipation that this will all be a smooth, happy and meaningful experience for all.

Thank you in advance for understanding. I take my Breeding program very serious.